10 things I wonder about

Exercice en cours de Creative Writing.

10 Things That I Wonder About

By Bjorn Pedersen

  1. Why do people spend so much on coffins?
  2. Why can my phone accidentally dialing in my pocket access features I didn’t even know about?
  3. Why are room maximum capacity requirements so specific?
  4. Why do I indefinitely put off writing important emails?
  5. Why do people cut huge arm holes in their workout shirts?
  6. Why do all the environmentalists I know smoke?
  7. Why does my Chinese math professor pronounce “v”’s as “w”’s?
  8. Why don’t I mind working, but mind starting to work?
  9. Why do all the people who share my interests seem to be crazy?
  10. Why do people have to sit at the entrance to my dorm to discuss private things?

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