Le ventre des poissons rouges

Un autre bout d’histoire. Toute ressemblance…etc

------- August Chocolate -------

After their week-end trip to Asheville in mid-August, the mother and her two children did not go out for two days. The heat made them all lazy and moody. Everybody had been eating spicy Pringles and Milka rice chocolate in bed, taking small naps all along the day, because time goes by quicker when you sleep.

On the first floor, the daughter was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the fourth time in two months, lighting a Camel filter occasionally. She scratched her hairy armpit, then sniffed her fingers, because she liked the smell of her own sweat. On the second floor, the son was playing World of War craft on his computer.

From time to time, the cat was mewing, because he wanted to go outside. For some reason, they all had fattened at the same time, the daughter, the mother, the son and the cat. In the adjacent bathroom, the giant goldfish was floating, belly up. Nobody had noticed it yet.

The wooden staircase cracked as they all went down to the kitchen. It smelled like rotting garbage and cat’s urine. The cat’s litter was full, so he had peed on the green linoleum. “Assholes,” thought the mother. She looked at them: the fat dumb cat, the daughter, her stale cigarette odor, and worse of all, the son. Parasite! She glanced at him. He had greasy blond hair, a flabby stomach coming out of his pajamas pants, and fatty shoulders covered with acne pimples. She clenched her teeth. “Stand up straight, for God’s sake, you stupid jerk,” she said, raising her hand.

She thought he was going to hit her but instead he ran against the door and broke the window pane with both hands. There was blood everywhere on the new linoleum. His hands and his wrists had a really weird angle.

He gave them a surprised look. Nobody was crying yet.



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